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Fully Recommended Blog and Website

Fully Recommended Blog and Website



In short, this fantabulous website includes info on an adorable children’s book called Teatime Tillie! Make sure to check this out for grandchildren,  a daughter, or even a friend who likes tea. Also, if you have the least bit of interest in baking, tea, kids, or just want to get tips and ideas, check out this wonderful lady’s blog too!


Triumphant Tasteful Tea

There are millions and millions of different types of tea out there! Loose leaf, iced, bagged, green, black, white, red, flavored, and much more! I like black and green tea equally as well. Well, I’ll give you a little background on how I got into tea.

My mom got into tea in her early adult years, and had tea parties and things just at home with us kids. She always made special treats, or even simple ones, and we had fancy everything! Scones are her specialty, but she also loves tea! About a year or two ago, she got an adorable children’s book published called Teatime Tillie and started giving tea parties at local libraries for fun with me and my older sister helping her!

This is going to be a post all about tea! I got into it when I was little and I still love it. I even have my own little 2-3 cup teapot. [pictured below]. Image ImageThe rectangular tea boxes are Celestial Seasonings. We visited them in Boulder, Colorado and stocked up!ImageMy favorite tea was Paris, but recently it just changed to French Carmel Creme Brûlée. It’s a select black tea with carmel-rich, creamy, smooth flavors. [also pictured below]. My mom purchased it from Lady Elegant’s Tea Room.



Summer Teen Tea

There’s nothing more relaxing than a cup of tea in a cool library enjoying the companionship of others. As lots of people say- there is never a book long enough or cup of tea large enough to suit me.
My mom hosted a teen tea party at the Delano Library last summer based on the book The Teashop Girls. I’ve read the first and second books, and they’re really good! I attended this tea party (instead of helping serve like I usually do) and we had a great time tea-tasting, eating yummy food, and doing crafts! It was a really cute and summery fun table setting, and I think people enjoyed it. I know I did!



Teatime Tillie

Hi! I wanted to tell you more about a book my mom wrote and where it is leading us.
It is called Teatime Tillie and it’s a cute children’s book about friends, hospitality, and how we’re never alone. (Check it out on Amazon.com)

My mom did a tea party a few years ago at our local library with a Teatime Tillie theme. Everybody loved it and now we are going around to library’s near us and doing tea parties with different themes (based on a book) each year. Generally we get about 40-45 people at each. Last year was Fancy Nancy, and this year is Angelina Ballerina.

Giggle with glee, munch on sweet morsels, and de-stress when you read this cute children’s book about a mouse and her friends!