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Fully Recommended Blog and Website

Fully Recommended Blog and Website



In short, this fantabulous website includes info on an adorable children’s book called Teatime Tillie! Make sure to check this out for grandchildren,  a daughter, or even a friend who likes tea. Also, if you have the least bit of interest in baking, tea, kids, or just want to get tips and ideas, check out this wonderful lady’s blog too!




Definition: A deliciousness that makes you feel cravings more than once, made from cocoa beans.

Of course this isn’t the real definition of chocolate, but it sounded a little more appetizing than the real one. Not that you have to make CHOCOLATE sound more appetizing that it is already! Seriously, I don’t know what I’d do without it! Below I have pictures of chocolate cupcakes in a Wilton carrier (can also carry cakes and pies) and I decorated them with yummy chocolate fudge icing (also made by Wilton). These were good but not great so this post is mainly to show off the awesome carrier! I highly recommend buying one.ImageImageImage