Amazima, or Truth in Luganda


The Apple Blossom of Spring!


You KNOW it’s spring when you start seeing buds, and flowers, and green leaves all about you! Don’t you love it when it’s all of a sudden upon you, within only a couple of days? Kind of like fall, when the leaves suddenly turn a beautiful red, yellow, or brown. But hold on a second! We’re not here to talk about fall and the upcoming school year! We’re here to talk about summer. Summer. No school. Green leaves, luscious grass, animals scampering and birds chirping – and occasionally flying into windows. A reason not to keep them that clean. (:

These are true signs of spring! We have 500 apple trees now, Zestar, Snowsweet, SweeTango, Honeycrisp, and Honeygold. MMM. MM. I’ll share some apple recipes in the fall!



Busy Break?

Well, I guess I’ve taken a break from blogging lately, but I didn’t mean too! I’ve been swamped with finishing up school for the year (yahoo!), softball everyday, and taking care of my puppy, Dublin. I’ve saved up quite a few things to blog about since my last post though, and I’ll be getting back in the game! Watch for more posts!!

Wedding Chocolate Guide


Use this template by printing it off, placing it under parchment, then melting chocolate and pouring it into a plastic bag with a tiny slit in one of the corners. Slowly pipe out the shapes onto the parchment paper then let dry and decorate cupcakes or cake with them. I hope this comes in handy!  Do it in any color of chocolate you like.Right Click it, then save to downloads or copy and paste in pages.  Click on the image to see cupcakes that I did a bit ago! They have chocolate hearts on them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Simple Wedding Chocolate Template.001


Home-made is Best Made?

Everyone says home-made is best-made, and most of the time I agree. Everything is better when it’s home-made, except apparently cupcakes. I’ve tried dozens of recipes for yellow or white or vanilla cupcakes but they just don’t have that gourmet, moist texture. The flavors are delicious… if only we could get that texture. 

Wish me luck! Box mixes won’t cut it when I have a bakery so I better start working hard! I’ve decided to experiment with a basic recipe, but add some of my own tweaks as well… more later!

Cake Contest Support

I’ve decided to enter a Family Fun cake contest for kids’ birthday cakes. Not a huge, high-end one, that I actually have to sign up for, just send in a picture of a cake that is original and they may or may not publish it. $100 bucks to anyone who gets their name in the magazine too. 🙂

For now I’m thinking toddler themed. No cartoons or characters, most likely animals -maybe jungle- tea? Kitties?

We’ll see, I’ll post some updates.

Triumphant Tasteful Tea

There are millions and millions of different types of tea out there! Loose leaf, iced, bagged, green, black, white, red, flavored, and much more! I like black and green tea equally as well. Well, I’ll give you a little background on how I got into tea.

My mom got into tea in her early adult years, and had tea parties and things just at home with us kids. She always made special treats, or even simple ones, and we had fancy everything! Scones are her specialty, but she also loves tea! About a year or two ago, she got an adorable children’s book published called Teatime Tillie and started giving tea parties at local libraries for fun with me and my older sister helping her!

This is going to be a post all about tea! I got into it when I was little and I still love it. I even have my own little 2-3 cup teapot. [pictured below]. Image ImageThe rectangular tea boxes are Celestial Seasonings. We visited them in Boulder, Colorado and stocked up!ImageMy favorite tea was Paris, but recently it just changed to French Carmel Creme Brûlée. It’s a select black tea with carmel-rich, creamy, smooth flavors. [also pictured below]. My mom purchased it from Lady Elegant’s Tea Room.