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The Perfect Solution for Sore Throats and Achiness

In a time span of 1 hour I drank more than six cups of tea! A sore throat can make a person do that, and that’s exactly why I did it. Tea has been the best solution to sore throats that I’ve found yet. I’ve tried icies in the summer, that horrible cold medicine, hot chocolate, tylenol, you name it! But when you face the warm and comforting truth, hot tea is the best. Don’t you hate it when you drink water in the morning and you’re parched, but it hurts to swallow and you can hardly force yourself to drink? If you’ve never had tea, or tried it for helping with colds you need to try it! As I’m writing this, I am happily sipping on another cup of Irish Breakfast. Let me enlighten you on my favorite teas, and things you should never eat/drink when you have a cold.

What you shouldn’t do when you have a cold:

1. Drink milk and eat any kind of dairy products. (It may taste good, but it only increases the mucus in your throat and nose, making life even more miserable.) make hot cocoa with water instead of milk, or better yet, try some tea!

2. Do not eat fatty or deep fried foods. This only hinders the immune system.

3. Do not drink Caffeinated and sugary beverages. No energy drinks, pop, coffee, or black tea. It only makes your illness worse.

How to de-caffeinate black tea!
Step one- boil your water
Step two- pour over tea bag
Step three- dump out the tea you just made
Step four- make another cup of tea with the same tea bag, except this time, drink it. 🙂

Tea For Settling Stomachs
1. Chammomile (steep for 5 minutes).
2. Ginger or Peppermint (steep 1-3 minutes)