Pirate Party

Oh, the joy of making kids happy! Me and my mom put together this awesome party for my six-year-old little brother. With ARRGH Matey’s!! and Ships AHOY! We had a party worthy of Captain Red Beard himself!

Now let’s get to the fun part. ūüôā The hardest part were the aged map invitations that aren’t even pictured. Don’t worry, we’ll save those for the next post.

For the Sunken Treasure Cupcakes:

Vanilla base cupcakes with blue/green vanilla buttercream (the recipe is in a couple of my past posts). We had green rock candy that I bashed with a rolling pin. It worked better than I thought and relatively big chunks came off.

The Coins


  • The coins on the other part is a different matter. It’s fondant rolled out and cut into about four inch circles with a cookie cutter and stamped with a C (do the letter of the birthday boy’s/girl’s first initial!) with normal stamps, washed with soap and water of course! To make it golden I mixed a¬†tiny¬†bit of almond flavor(because it’s more clear than vanilla). With Wilton brand Golden Pixie Dust. I brushed it on with a new paint brush. I used about half a bottle/container for twelve coins. The containers are also tiny. Let them dry between coats, it may take half the afternoon or more, depends how thick you apply it and how often.

I actually made homemade fondant for the first time for these coins and it was absolutely no more different than the pre-made stuff you get from Wilton-more on that later.



For center pieces and scattered decorations you can use anything from Little People to Playmobil or even stuffed animals!Image

Can’t wait to share my Aged Map Invitations with you!


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