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Fully Recommended Blog and Website

Fully Recommended Blog and Website



In short, this fantabulous website includes info on an adorable children’s book called Teatime Tillie! Make sure to check this out for grandchildren,  a daughter, or even a friend who likes tea. Also, if you have the least bit of interest in baking, tea, kids, or just want to get tips and ideas, check out this wonderful lady’s blog too!


Classic Teen Tea


IMG_0903Me and My mom did our second annual Teen Tea this afternoon and it was a blast! 9-14 year-olds came to eat tea party food that was specially prepared by my mom and do a super fun craft. Also to bond over a delicious cup – or two – of warm tea. My mom gave a speech about the history of tea and how it came to be. Not only did we learn but we relaxed and had a great time!

IMG_0904This tea party was hosted at our local library and was based on three classical books- The Secret Garden, Little Women, and Anne of Green Gables. The place settings turned out beautifully!

IMG_0905 Flipping our fans that we made was fun and entertaining, all we needed were bustles and british accents!

IMG_0907 Now how to make these fine fans, you ask? It was a simple fold, a snip and tie here and there. Okay. it wasn’t that easy, but pretty close!

Fine Fan Directions: All you need is an 11 x 5 inch  sheet of scrapbook paper, 14 inch piece of shiny ribbon, a hole punch and a stapler.

  1. Take the paper and flip it over to it’s white side. Fold it accordion style the short ways.
  2. Bunch it back up then cut the top at a diagonal.
  3. Keeping it bunched up,  take half of the layers and punch a hole about an inch from the bottom. Bunch it back up and trace the hole you just punched so that you know exactly where to punch the other half of the papers. Once you have finished that stupendous step thread the ribbon through the punched holes then spread the fan out and tie nots on each end. Make the knots loose so that they don’t slip through your beautiful holes that you made. Curl the end of the ribbons to give it a fancy  flare and staple the bottom together. Whola! You have a Fine, Fine, fan!


Is that Raspberry Cordial you see! Of course! Anne Shirley WOULD be proud! (It’s raspberry lemonade, but you’re never too old  to use your imagination right?) Macaroons sit royally beside this pitcher of Cordial ready to be delicately eaten.

Thanks for reading this post about our Teen Tea! I hope this inspired you to have your own, public or with just a couple friends. Enjoy the rest of the week!

God Bless!


Pirate Party

Oh, the joy of making kids happy! Me and my mom put together this awesome party for my six-year-old little brother. With ARRGH Matey’s!! and Ships AHOY! We had a party worthy of Captain Red Beard himself!

Now let’s get to the fun part. 🙂 The hardest part were the aged map invitations that aren’t even pictured. Don’t worry, we’ll save those for the next post.

For the Sunken Treasure Cupcakes:

Vanilla base cupcakes with blue/green vanilla buttercream (the recipe is in a couple of my past posts). We had green rock candy that I bashed with a rolling pin. It worked better than I thought and relatively big chunks came off.

The Coins


  • The coins on the other part is a different matter. It’s fondant rolled out and cut into about four inch circles with a cookie cutter and stamped with a C (do the letter of the birthday boy’s/girl’s first initial!) with normal stamps, washed with soap and water of course! To make it golden I mixed a tiny bit of almond flavor(because it’s more clear than vanilla). With Wilton brand Golden Pixie Dust. I brushed it on with a new paint brush. I used about half a bottle/container for twelve coins. The containers are also tiny. Let them dry between coats, it may take half the afternoon or more, depends how thick you apply it and how often.

I actually made homemade fondant for the first time for these coins and it was absolutely no more different than the pre-made stuff you get from Wilton-more on that later.



For center pieces and scattered decorations you can use anything from Little People to Playmobil or even stuffed animals!Image

Can’t wait to share my Aged Map Invitations with you!