The Apple Blossom of Spring!


You KNOW it’s spring when you start seeing buds, and flowers, and green leaves all about you! Don’t you love it when it’s all of a sudden upon you, within only a couple of days? Kind of like fall, when the leaves suddenly turn a beautiful red, yellow, or brown. But hold on a second! We’re not here to talk about fall and the upcoming school year! We’re here to talk about summer. Summer. No school. Green leaves, luscious grass, animals scampering and birds chirping – and occasionally flying into windows. A reason not to keep them that clean. (:

These are true signs of spring! We have 500 apple trees now, Zestar, Snowsweet, SweeTango, Honeycrisp, and Honeygold. MMM. MM. I’ll share some apple recipes in the fall!




2 thoughts on “The Apple Blossom of Spring!

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