Falling From the Sky?!

No, not falling from the sky. From Above. From Jesus. The one thing that most changed my life was when my little brother was born. Then my little sister too. At nine years of age, I was at the point of life where I could remember details of life. This was definitely a big detail. I had prayed to God, asking for a baby brother or sister, so that I could become a big sister. He answered my prayer and gave me a gift straight from above! Now, at 14 years old, I realize even more how precious life is and cherish it so much. My little brother and sister are now 5 and 4. The years have flown by! I still remember the call from the hospital when my little sister was born. Not when my little bro was born though. Close to midnight, we were so groggy that we don’t remember it! I say we, because I have two older siblings as well, a brother and sister. Thank you God!! 

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the Heavenly Lights. James 1:17



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