Super Kiwis!

SUPER FOODS! Kiwi is a super tasty and nutritious super food. Almost as good as oranges! Kiwis are packed with calcium C so it’s smart to eat these in the winter – oranges too!

A scientific fact you might want to know – The Kiwi bird is actually a brown, fuzzy bird that is native to New Zealand. The fruit itself comes from Southeastern China, and was named after this flightless bird.

10 things to do with kiwi:

1. cut it in half, scoop it out and eat!

2. Use it as a garnish for cupcakes, scones, or any other dessert. (Make sure it’s patted dry first though.)

3. Kiwi tart

4. Fruit salad

Image5. Fruit pizza (I’ll post this recipe soon!)

6. Kiwi cupcake

7. Dry and coat with sugar

8. Kiwi smoothies

9. Kiwi juice

10. Tenderize your meat
with it. Yes! Cut the kiwi in halves and rub it down. This also gives your meat a kick in flavor.


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