Teatime Tillie

Hi! I wanted to tell you more about a book my mom wrote and where it is leading us.
It is called Teatime Tillie and it’s a cute children’s book about friends, hospitality, and how we’re never alone. (Check it out on Amazon.com)

My mom did a tea party a few years ago at our local library with a Teatime Tillie theme. Everybody loved it and now we are going around to library’s near us and doing tea parties with different themes (based on a book) each year. Generally we get about 40-45 people at each. Last year was Fancy Nancy, and this year is Angelina Ballerina.

Giggle with glee, munch on sweet morsels, and de-stress when you read this cute children’s book about a mouse and her friends!


2 thoughts on “Teatime Tillie

  1. You’ve got a great blog going, Annie! Keep us the good work. Can’t wait to see what neat treat you’ll have for us when we come to your house for Christmas. You will have to show me how to take pictures and import them to my blog, so I can start displaying some of the cribbage boards I’ve been making. See you soon!

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