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Super Kiwis!

SUPER FOODS! Kiwi is a super tasty and nutritious super food. Almost as good as oranges! Kiwis are packed with calcium C so it’s smart to eat these in the winter – oranges too!

A scientific fact you might want to know – The Kiwi bird is actually a brown, fuzzy bird that is native to New Zealand. The fruit itself comes from Southeastern China, and was named after this flightless bird.

10 things to do with kiwi:

1. cut it in half, scoop it out and eat!

2. Use it as a garnish for cupcakes, scones, or any other dessert. (Make sure it’s patted dry first though.)

3. Kiwi tart

4. Fruit salad

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Teatime Tillie

Hi! I wanted to tell you more about a book my mom wrote and where it is leading us.
It is called Teatime Tillie and it’s a cute children’s book about friends, hospitality, and how we’re never alone. (Check it out on

My mom did a tea party a few years ago at our local library with a Teatime Tillie theme. Everybody loved it and now we are going around to library’s near us and doing tea parties with different themes (based on a book) each year. Generally we get about 40-45 people at each. Last year was Fancy Nancy, and this year is Angelina Ballerina.

Giggle with glee, munch on sweet morsels, and de-stress when you read this cute children’s book about a mouse and her friends!