Fluff 1 and Fluff 2

Below I have a tutorial on how to make a tie pillow. These are very fun, especially to do with a sibling or friend. I did it with my sister so I will explain it for making 2 pillows.
In all this cost us 7 dollars per pillow. ( we got the pillows and fleece at a garage sale)
What you’ll need: 2 pieces of fleece that are 36 1/2 x 60 in.
2 18×18 in. Pillows.
Tape measure

1 Cut one of fleece pieces in half.

2 place the pillow in the center of one half. Mark 5 1/4 inches out from the pillow. Cut out according to lines, it has to be roughly straight.

3 You should have two green squares ( if you did it to both halves of the fabric). Now, lay those on top of your other 36 1/2 x 60 inch piece. Cut out round the squares. Like I said,
it doesn’t have to be perfect.

4 lay one green square and one white square on top of pillow so all sides are even. Cut the fabric till it comes to the pillow at halfway, about three or four inches in and one inch wide. Do this to all four sides.

5 For the corners cut it in so that there is a square as a scrap.
6 Take the white piece and put it under the pillow. Using the bottom strands with the top strands tie together.
7 Your end result will look like this:



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