Mini lady bug cupcakes in unique colors surround this cheap Dirt cake filled pot (bought at a dollar store). So fun and Springy. Get fake flowers and insert into the dirt cake, also we used gummy worms.. Yum!

Dirt Cake

Mix and set aside:

20 oz. Ground OREOS

1/4 Cup margarine

8 0z. Softened cream cheese

1 Cup powdered sugar


3 1/2 Cups milk

2 sm. Boxes french vanilla instant pudding.

12 oz. Cool whip

Layer pudding mixture with OREO  mixture. Serve in a clean flower pot. Garnish with gummy worms and plastic flowers. Refrigerate overnight. Delicious!

Lady Bug Cupcake minis (from Wilton Cupcake Fun! magazine)  

  • What you’ll need: White ready-to-use rolled fondant.
  • Your favorite buttercream icing
  • White mini baking cups
  • Black, Leaf green, Orange and Red-Red food coloring


Ice cupcakes smooth. Tint portion of fondant black; roll out black and white fondant 1/8 in. thick. Cut a thin strip for wing division; position at center of cupcake. For face, roll a 1/2 in. ball of fondant; position on cupcake, pressing lightly to widen. For spots, cut dots using narrow end of tip 8; position. Cut eyes with narrow end of tip 9, pupils with narrow end of tip 5; attach with damp brush. Pipe tip 2 outline mouth.

Have fun and enjoy eating!


3 thoughts on “

  1. This is too cute! I love your happy little ladybug cupcakes and it’s so cool that even the “plant” in the middle is edible! What a fun idea. This would be a really cute centerpiece at a kid’s birthday party.

  2. Oh what a fabulous idea! This would be such a great party cake for spring and summer, though I guess if you add flowers for the season, it’s perfect all year round! And I love the added touches like the gummy worms! : )

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