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Mini lady bug cupcakes in unique colors surround this cheap Dirt cake filled pot (bought at a dollar store). So fun and Springy. Get fake flowers and insert into the dirt cake, also we used gummy worms.. Yum!

Dirt Cake

Mix and set aside:

20 oz. Ground OREOS

1/4 Cup margarine

8 0z. Softened cream cheese

1 Cup powdered sugar


3 1/2 Cups milk

2 sm. Boxes french vanilla instant pudding.

12 oz. Cool whip

Layer pudding mixture with OREO  mixture. Serve in a clean flower pot. Garnish with gummy worms and plastic flowers. Refrigerate overnight. Delicious!

Lady Bug Cupcake minis (from Wilton Cupcake Fun! magazine)  

  • What you’ll need: White ready-to-use rolled fondant.
  • Your favorite buttercream icing
  • White mini baking cups
  • Black, Leaf green, Orange and Red-Red food coloring


Ice cupcakes smooth. Tint portion of fondant black; roll out black and white fondant 1/8 in. thick. Cut a thin strip for wing division; position at center of cupcake. For face, roll a 1/2 in. ball of fondant; position on cupcake, pressing lightly to widen. For spots, cut dots using narrow end of tip 8; position. Cut eyes with narrow end of tip 9, pupils with narrow end of tip 5; attach with damp brush. Pipe tip 2 outline mouth.

Have fun and enjoy eating!


Sprinkles Cupcakery, California.

The first cupcake bakery (cupcakery) in the U.S. is called Sprinkles cupcake and we got to visit it on vacation in California. The cupcakes were simple but beautiful. I had a raspberry cupcake and we got a couple others to try too. We got two raspberry, one chocolate marshmallow, two peanut butter with chocolate, and one red velvet.