Candy Heart Shell

Hello! Do you love sweets? On this blog I’m going to share with you some of my favorite desserts, Pictures, recipes and more! Enjoy!

I got this idea from the Wilton Cupcake Fun magazine. I made these for our mother-daughter T.E.A. (True, Excellent, Admirable) Chicks bible study group.

Please enjoy!

Candy Heart Shells

You will need: cookie sheet, light cocoa Candy Melts, heart silicone baking cups, (or diamond or circle depending on what you have/want) Decorator brush set ( I used a brand new paintbrush and that worked fine.) fresh raspberries, blueberries (on the bottom of my cups I put two or three slices of strawberries to make it fuller without having to spend so much on other berries.)

Instructions: Place baking cups on cookie sheet. Fill cups with 2 tablespoons melted candy; brush candy up sides, coating evenly to make heart candy shell. Refrigerate until firm. Peel cup off candy gently pushing up shell from bottom. Fill with fruit.

Tip: Keep shell in a cool, dry place until ready to serve.

Please let me know if you try any other ideas or use different ingredients. 🙂

We did this for a fancy dinner with roses on each spot.


One thought on “Candy Heart Shell

  1. Whoa. Those candy heart shells were INSANE. I tried it with my family, and we’ve become addicted. Just the perfect blend of healthy n’ chocolate. Give me more! ❤

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